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Botox is the only FDA
approved treatment of its type

What Is It For?

You might be aware of problems such as constant neck spasms, facial wrinkles, lazy eye, excessive sweating and an overactive bladder. All these problems can be treated with the help of a Botox injection. Botox injection can also assist in preventing chronic migraines in other people.

Aside from Botox, there are other products such as Dysport which use the botulinum toxin as well. And in this new world of Botox vs Dysport, people ask a lot of questions about their differences, so how do they differ?

Botox VS Dysport

There has been a discussion on Botox vs Dysport and if they have any differences. The following are some of the main differences:

• Botox lasts longer as compared to Dysport. It means that Botox has a high efficacy duration.

• Dysport has a quicker onset which is 2-5 days as compared to Botox which is 4-7 days

• Dysport spreads over a wide area which is an advantage when it comes to some regions of the face but a disadvantage to others

• You only need to use a small amount of Botox before getting results as compared to using Dysport

The Botox vs Dysport competition is a healthy one as no other products can match their safety and quality. As seen, they are a bit different especially when it comes to dosage and so are not interchangeable.

Pros and Cons

The potential side effects of Botox injection are as follows:

• Pain and bruising at the site of injection

• Drooling or having a crooked smile

• Having flu-like symptoms

• A droopy eyelid

• Your eyes drying or tearing excessively

• Feeling of nausea after the injection

• Neck pain

On the other hand, the advantages of using Botox include:

• It is a temporary treatment which means that you can decide
to discontinue treatment in future and your skin will not get altered.

• It produces quick results if you administer the drug as required

• Botox removes appearances of lines which result from certain facial expressions

• It has a short procedure which does not last more than 10 minutes long

• There are fewer known health risk which results from using Botox

Botox is among the few skin treatments which are
temporary but produces amazing results.

Did you Know?

A lot of individuals nowadays are turning to Botox to reduce or remove their wrinkles altogether. Botox is one of the most common groups of medications which utilizes different forms of botulinum toxin which can paralyze your muscle activity temporarily. It comes from a microbe responsible for food poisoning.

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